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The archaeologist Zahi Hawass says that the tragedy legitimizes the movement for the repatriation of Egyptian objects in museums around the world and that if museums are not able to guarantee the safety and conservation of the objects, the archaeologist argues that to be returned to the native land. Although the collection of the National Museum was not targeted by Egyptian archaeologists, Hawass says that the destruction of the collection strengthens the movement for the repatriation of objects and that UNESCO observes countries with overseas collections and overseas museums to control them, to ensure that objects are properly protected and restored.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his condolences on Twitter at the event. He offered to send experts to help rebuild the museum. Brazilian environmentalist and politician Marina Silva called the fire "a lobotomy of the Brazilian memory". News of the fire quickly spread through the city of Rio de Janeiro, and protesters turned up at the gates in the early hours of Monday morning. Initial reports suggested that there were people, forming a chain around the still-smoking building. The public were later allowed to enter the grounds.

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A group of Museum Studies students from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro called for the public to send in any photographs or videos of the destroyed collections. Their appeal received 14, videos, photos, and drawings of the museum's exhibitions within hours. Everybody can see that this is not a loss for the Brazilian people, but for the whole humanity" and commented that it was "a predictable tragedy, because we've known for a long time that Brazilian cultural heritage has no budget".

Museums around the world sent their condolences. In the UK, the British Library said "our hearts go out to the staff and users of [the National Museum] of Brazil" and called the fire "a reminder of the fragility and preciousness of our shared global heritage"; [] London's Natural History Museum , [] the Oxford University Museum of Natural History , [] and the Smithsonian Institution [] were among other institutions expressing their sorrow.

The head of the Australian Museum said that she was "shocked", "devastated", and "distraught". It offered to send experts, if requested by the Brazilian government, to assist the National Museum in restoring the damaged pieces. On 12 September , people began implementing a plan to temporarily shelter and work with what is currently the ruins of the Museum: [].

The museum is still alive doing some Festivals called Museu Nacional Vive or Museum lives to public in tents mounted in front of current under construction improvements to the burned headquarters, with exposition of fossils , living snakes and taxidermied animals like Pterosaurs and Armadillo among others. Museum would do a permanent exposition outside.

With the exception of a few metal cabinets intact, there are only Charred fragments. The one million euro aid announced by Germany would allow the installation of laboratories for analysis of archaeological finds. He reported that classes , thesis defenses and dissertations were resumed and knowledge production did not stop. Museum zoologists have already gone to the field to collect new specimens in an attempt to repopulate the invertebrate collection, one of the richest with 5 million copies only in the case of insects and harder hit by the fire.

Before a revamped headquarters is available, Kellner said the museum's intention is to re-display its collection — still considerable — to the public. There is a collective funding campaign to allow the institution's loan back to schools and the plan to revitalize the museum's botanical garden so that it houses a small exhibition that would receive visitors again.

The Facade and the exterior of the National Museum is to be preserved in the reconstruction works, but the building could be another, said the UFRJ's dean, Roberto Leher. The recovery of the building will take into account a new concept of architecture. The cost would still depend on the concept of the museum. Technicians focus are on 3D modeling and a term of reference. New materials with low-carbon, energy-less, environmentally friendly will be used because it is a science museum.

It has Iphan's endorsement since the property is overturned to do the reconstruction taking this model into account. In 7 May it was presented 27 small pieces found of Egypt collection. Cooperation agreement with Italian government provides for restoration of damaged parts and long-term loan of Italian parts that would be displayed in the National Museum when it is ready for reopening. Instead he prefers money donations, which is denied by Italian and France Governments.

Samba Mangueira and Chico Buarque tries with music to help the museum in some way. Paulo Amaral, president of Ibram, said that the new concept of the National Museum would probably be announced in April , when the final formatting of the space would be defined, with parts dedicated to the historical collection, contemporary works and equipment. On the first floor of the building was the Francisca Keller Library, which had the largest collection of anthropology and human sciences in South America.

To speed up the fundraising process, they are making a kitty on the Benfeitoria platform. The money would be used for the demolition of the interior walls of the space, restoring the floor, finishing and painting, laying the ceiling, making the electrical and air conditioning installation and the restoration of hardware. Germany had donated , euros so far.

A Dead Bat In Paraguay: One Man's Peculiar Journey Through South America

More than 50 of the 70 areas hit by the fire were searched. Reconstruction of the facade and roof is expected to take place between the end of and the beginning of In the first half of , the salvage of parts of the collection and the start of the inventory process are expected to be completed. The director of the National Museum, Alexander W. Kellner, issued an open letter addressed to presidential candidates Jair Messias Bolsonaro and Fernando Haddad on the evening of 15 October , which, along two pages, reinforces the historical importance of the institution, and recalls that his survival is tied to the responsibility of those who hold "power in the hands.

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The document was also sent to the National Congress , where he had regularly gone to ask for a public hearing, during which he asked for the inclusion of resources for the museum, and for the next budget. Without these resources, he says the institution will end up harming decades of research. In the letter, the director says that many reflect on what could have been done differently to avoid a disaster that led to the loss of an invaluable patrimony, involving millions of cultural and scientific pieces. He also adds that "others should be deeply reflecting on why, being in a position of decision, they did not act firmly in triggering actions that would have avoided the absurdity of that loss".

He negotiated the money before the President-elect Jair Bolsonaro , being afraid that the building would remain destroyed for years in an abandoned state. Also, the laboratory containers were not received. This would need to be further approved by a joint committee and also by the plenary. Until December , the concern was the change of the Brazilian Government, because none of the transition teams of the future Governor of Rio de Janeiro, nor the President of the Republic Jair Messias Bolsonaro have sought the direction of the museum to talk about the disaster that hit the former Residence of the Imperial Family.

Even then, the containers to store restored objects, until the reconstruction work is completed, had not yet been delivered by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, which did not express its opinion on the delay. During the three months after the fire, had the removal of debris. The "economic support network" promised by the president was not established.

According to the entity, the banks are awaiting approval of Provisional Measure in the National Congress to be able to make the donations. The text must be approved by Congress until February If this does not happen, the Provisional Measure loses its validity. The agreement was maintained, and the BNDES promised that the money would be used to support the reconstruction works.

That was not done. Unesco personnel and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited the debris. Among them, pieces from the Egyptian collection and minerals from the Werner collection, that came to Brazil along with the Portuguese Crown, as well as pre-Columbian ceramics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with National Historical Museum Brazil.

Museum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bronze statuette of Amun. Golden mask. Ptolemaic Kingdom, c. Harsiese Sarcophagus interior. Corinthian oinochoe with lid, c. Recreation of dinosaur heads. Butterflies on display. Pre-Columbian jars and ceramics. Archived from the original PDF on 29 October Archived from the original PDF on 8 July Retrieved 8 October Museu Nacional Ufrj.


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