Manual Gadgets and Necessities: An Encyclopedia of Household Innovations

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It works exactly like the Chinchou device, only it is improved by extensive research by Clemont, with now emitting the exact soundwaves preferred by Magikarp, and it is based on a Lanturn instead. It was used to try to lure the golden Magikarp. It first appeared as if it really did lure in the golden Magikarp, only it turned out to be Team Rocket's Magikarp submarine which wasn't lured by Clemont's invention but instead just passed by.

The invention wasn't seen again after this.

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The display of the invention shows two arrows. Stickers must be placed on each of the two arrows to decide what decision should be made. The invention is activated by pressing a red button.

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The arrows on the display then start moving along a path full of obstacles that ultimately lead to an "O" and an "X". The arrow that points to the O is decided the winner. As a finishing touch, confetti comes out of the top of the invention. Clemont used it to decide who would accompany Lindsey in her submarine, as there was only room for three people.


It ultimately decided Ash and Serena as the winners. It cuts down to the millimeter precise. Clemont used it when he and his friends managed to obtain only one slice of Brackish Town 's famous chocolate cake. He wanted to cut it into four pieces but later Diantha joined them and he cut it into 5 pieces instead. It can absorb special moves , as well as repel physical moves. After Team Rocket was blasted off, the group complemented Clemont on his successful invention. However, right at that moment it still blew up. It has extendable claws which it uses to attack others and completely absorbs electricity by spreading its frill.

Team Rocket tricked Clemont in helping them perfect the machine and later used it against Ash and his friends.

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It was able to grab Pikachu and handed it over to Team Rocket. However, after this it suddenly overloaded and exploded, like almost all other inventions Clemont has a hand in. Although the idea and body of this invention weren't invented by Clemont, he did perfect it and make it his own. Clemont was tricked into making it by Team Rocket. They used it to transport Ash's Pikachu to a safe location.

It was not seen afterwards. Although it once more seemed as if the invention was a success after Team Rocket was blasted off, it proved to be a failure as well, as it too exploded.

It acts as a strong flashlight. Clemont used it to lighten up a cave while the group and Korrina were in search for a Lucarionite. It was also used in Volcanon and the Mechanical Marvel to help Clemont repair something during nightttime. The user needs to point the gauger at a subject and then turn the power on.

Clemont used it to measure Korrina's Lucario new power, as it managed to Mega Evolve. It exploded when Mega Lucario's sheer power caused it to overload during a battle with Ash's Pikachu. Clemont was shown to have created a similar looking one in A Keeper for Keeps? It is most likely an upgraded version of the original. Clemont used it to execute Mabel 's assignment of arranging flowers. However, shortly after it started to do so, it overloaded and blew up. The user must stand on the ladder, and then the small lever on the side must be pulled. The ladder then stretches and pulls the user into the air.

Clemont used it to get Ash to the highest floor of a mall, as he was trying to get to Diancie. However, Ash eventually sent out his Hawlucha and got off the ladder. It is modeled after a Magnemite. Clemont used it to try to get to Ash who had gone through a portal to the Mirror World. It exploded as soon as he turned it on, however.

Outwards it has no visible changes, except for its midsection and feet sporting another color the first version's were dark blue, while this one's are dark red. The person using the machine is forced to dance, and if they keep it up and get used to the dancing, they'll eventually be able to dance on their own.

Clemont used it to help Ash with training for his Shalour Gym battle, as he had developed a strategy involving dancing, but wasn't able to properly dance himself. The invention exploded when Clemont drastically improved the speed of the dancing. It must be placed on the head of the user. Once it is put on, it starts working automatically.

Confetti then comes out from the top and a small cover raises, revealing a flat Wigglytuff doll that starts moving and shouting " Get up and go! He first tested it on Bonnie, but she didn't particularly like it as it didn't manage to motivate her. He then placed it on Wigglytuff, but as soon as it put it on, the invention started overheating and exploded. They consist of multiple machines located permanently in the streets of an unnamed town.

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From the tower come several underground cables, which in turn power the Clemontic Showers. Clemont thought of it when he was looking for an idea for his graduate research at an academy he studied at. When the system was finished, it proved to be a success, getting high acclaim with teachers of the academy and causing Clemont to graduate. After performing several dance techniques with Chespin, the invention started to overheat and went out of control.

It ultimately exploded. By switching it on with a remote, it can walk around on its ten mechanic legs.

Gadgets and Necessities: An Encyclopedia of Household Innovations

Clemont used it as a means of distracting a mysterious masked ninja who was on the hunt for Sanpei. It was discovered by Team Rocket however, who at first mistook it for the real Ash and his friends, but soon discovered they were being tricked. They stopped the machine in its tracks, and Jessie , out of anger of being fooled, kicked the machine's power generator, causing it to explode. Clemont used it to uncover the thoughts of a Goomy the group encountered.

At first, the invention worked fine and perfectly translated Goomy's thoughts on the screen. However, at a certain point, the screen suddenly went blank. Clemont, not sure what was wrong, knocked on the television device to get it working again, but this caused it to explode.

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Although the invention failed to work, it did help Ash and his friends understand Goomy's problems. The shoes also have sticks attached to them that the user must place their hands in for grip.

An Encyclopedia of Household Innovations

This invention helps someone swiftly climb steep slopes without having to use any strength. After getting tired from climbing, Clemont introduced this invention. It at first easily moved Clemont up the hill, but soon the machine started to get out of control, and uncontrollably moved Clemont around in all directions at a fast velocity. When Clemont went through a fence, the invention exploded. The ribbon is actually a key, and can be removed.

The key must be placed in a hole on the side and switched on. The box will then open, revealing a turning wheel with dolls resembling Bunnelby , Chespin, and Luxio on it. It is accompanied by a melody. Clemont began working on it after the group was told by Ramos about an annual festival held in Coumarine City, where participants give each other presents under the "Pledging Tree", the tree in which the Coumarine Gym is located. He wanted to create a present himself, so he spent the whole day working on the invention until the start of the festival at sunset.

It automatically detects all objects in its vicinity that have dirt on them and polishes them clean. It has all kinds of household items attached to its body such as cooking and painting gear, suggesting it has other functions besides cleaning. Clemont started working on this invention while being at his home in Lumiose City in preparation for his Gym Battle with Ash.

He showed it to Ash, Bonnie and Serena while having a video conversation with them. While explaining the invention to his friends however, the robot suddenly came up to Clemont and used its dust cleaner to suck Clemont up. When Clemont resisted, the invention exploded. Just like that invention, it follows the signal of a transmitter chip and tells the user where it currently is on a radar-like device.

Before Team Rocket took off, Clemont asked Ash to throw the transmitter chip on their mecha. After he had done this and Team Rocket had left, he brought up the invention. The group and Professor Sycamore then tracked down Team Rocket using the device, but during the search it malfunctioned and blew up. When the switch on the top is pressed, the top of the pod comes off and out comes a donut-shaped balloon that is automatically inflated.

Clemont used it to find Ash, Bonnie and Serena when he got separated from them.

On the thermograph, he noticed something quickly coming towards him. Refine Your Search Year. Displaying Editions 1 - 7 out of 7. Your list has reached the maximum number of items. Please create a new list with a new name; move some items to a new or existing list; or delete some items.

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